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Posted By :    Maria Z
Posted :    4/4/2014
Comments :    I have been going to Middlesex veterinary clinic for only two years and I can honestly say that I have never met a nicer group of people! You can tell they love animals. I have only seen Dr. Mockler and I think she is one of the best vets around. I have for years seen other vets and they all turned out to be disappointing because yes it is a business but you also want them to care about you and your "children". I would recommend them to anyone that has pets. ***** five stars in my book!
Posted By :    Gledis
Posted :    12/11/2012
Comments :    Thank you can not express all my gratitude. I'm very happy, just call and they were able to see my dog right way. I so Dr. McPartian before and yesterday Dr. Mockler. They are wonderful!! Great staff. 3
Posted By :    JulieAnn Govang
Posted :    10/16/2012
Comments :    On the recommendation of my sister, I took a lost kitten I found to MVC, as she said, "The staff there is WONDERFUL... they'll do whatever they can to make sure he's okay." Well - they ARE and they DID, and even though I found a forever home for this little creature in a different town, his new forever family plans to follow MY recommendation and KEEP going back to MVC for kitten's care! Thank you SO much for your kindness and love for all creatures, MVC!
Posted By :    Theresa Leung
Posted :    8/23/2012
Comments :    Dr. Mockler is awesome. I took my bunnies for checkup, they don't really like to be held but Dr. Mockler was so gentle with them and they were totally at ease with her.
Posted By :    Rachel
Posted :    12/1/2011
Comments :    I have finally found a compassionate, affordable vet that I had yet to experience until I met Dr. McPartian and staff - Superior care and customer service - If you are looking for a vet who loves your animals as much as you do - look no further than Middlesex Vetinary Center. I give them 5 stars. Rachel H.
Posted By :    Valerie W.
Posted :    10/6/2011
Comments :    Dear Dr. McPartlan and Dr. Mockler, I wanted to take a few moments to write to you both and say thank you. For the past ten years you have provided absolutely superior care for Toto (and me!), to that point that when I move to different areas of Massachusetts, I never even consider changing vets. I just know I will never find care like we receive at Middlesex Veterinary Center. The kindness and sincerity of everyone on your staff just means so much to us. I always know that with you guys caring for Toto, everything will be okay. Thank you so much for the constant, consistent exceptional care at Middlesex Veterinary Center. It puts my mind so at ease to know that Toto has a vet that I can completely put my trust in. Sincerely, Valerie W.
Posted By :    Eileen M.
Posted :    7/12/2011
Comments :    Dr. Mockler- I want to extend my sincere thanks for the warm welcome to your practice, the excellent care during Trapper's recent viral infection and compliments to your front office staff for following up afterwards. After 13 years of "owning pets & seeking vets" I feel I've found a home in your practice. It's really heartwarming to know there are still people who take old-fashion pride in manners, office cleanliness and customer service. Keep up the excellent work- I'll happily refer whenever I can!
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